Cate McGuire

I keep looking for the story /short film for a hallway (detail) magazine fragment collage on cradled board with back-painted glass (black)    copyright Cate McGuire 2016 all rights reserved


the red head gallery

401 Richmond Street West suite 115

Southeast corner at Spadina

August 3rd-13th 2016

Opening Saturday August 6th 1pm - 5pm

Lost Time

Solo Exhibition – Cate McGuire


It is inescapable. As we get older the world around us is not the world that we grew up in.  We move from home to home and the people are not the same people that we have always known.  People and places come and they go, they disappear, and change is a constant. All of the personal connections that we have are spaces.  Some of them feel like home, and some don’t. This body of work is an attempt to build those spaces (people, places, memories, homes) using fragments from popular magazines.


Magazines are ‘old school’ media, tangible ephemera in an age of digital mist. We all hold worlds in our minds and in our memories. The things that we have seen, the experiences we have had and the people that we have known make up who we are, and people know us by how we behave and the choices that we make. Those of us born in the last century are fortunate enough to have had so many images and objects lying around to remind us of time that has passed. We have been and still are surrounded by media and objects and environments and they are each a perfect reflection of the time and place in which they were made and the people who made them.

Those popular images become a language for talking about those times using pictures. Each image is frozen at a moment where everything is integrated, inside and outside, indoors and out, thought and memory spliced, as well as time and place.  This is the landscape that interests me. There is a dollhouse-like quality because the painted glass frame acts as a hole in the wall, showing what is happening in the space on the other side. When they work, they are believable, like a good story.